Who We Are - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Condominium Management Services to our communities in a simple, honest way that utilizes transparency, technology and collaboration to achieve outstanding customer service.

Sapphire’s outstanding team chose to partner with UpperBee™

a cloud based software service that provides;

  • Portfolio management
  • Registers
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance &
  • Communication

All of these features integrate into a simple to use app allowing transparent communications with owners & boards.

"It's not just a condominium, its a home"

The Condominium industry has grown & changed dramatically. In the last 5 years, businesses closed, sold,  and have been absorbed and grown. The post COVID landscape has forever changed the way we do business and how employees see their opportunities.

Condominium communities have faced some of the hardest decisions ever.

Reserve funds, in 2023 we have seen an unprecedented  level of

higher budgetary needs, inadequate and increased insurance costs. Many recent audits have shown precedence in monetary inadequacies and legal costs.

Quite simply, the cost of everything has gone up. It’s no wonder our reserve funds are impacted by these changes. However, this creates serious concern for the owners, residents, and boards of these communities.

Sapphire Can Help

Sapphire was born out of a desire to bring a business model that fully supported the goals and needs of our clients.

To do this we employed facilitators who understand that a business can only shine with a fully dedicated team, who bring their commitment and ability to the clients we’re fortunate to serve.

Sapphire embraces technology and has worked hard to facilitate innovation to both internal and external collaboration.

We looked closely at what our communities, board of directors, and staff needed, in order to bring simplicity, honesty and transparency to each of our day to day lives. These ideals are emulated by our specially chosen staff who continue to provide outstanding client services.

True Blue Customer Care